Gen 3 Post-tops are Game-changers

February 19, 2020 Tom Pierce

GranVille, Washington and Prismasphere Set the Benchmark with a New Gen 3 Design

As the first manufacturer to offer a true replacement for 400 watt HPS roadway and area acorns, Holophane® has updated our period LED post-top acorns and spheres with a new Gen 3 redesign to make you more competitive in the marketplace. In addition to providing up to 14,000 lumens now (with 20,000 lumen packages to be available in April) and up to 160 LPW, you also receive several new options to enhance efficacy, application flexibility and control features. 

This first wave of upgrades to the LED acorn and sphere lineup of prismatic globe post-tops includes the GranVille® (GVD3 GPD3), Washington Postlite® Acrylic (AWDE3) and the all new Prismasphere® (PSUE3).  Soon to follow will be the Glass Washington Postlite and Riverfront products in a "wave two" launch in early Spring 2020.  

Benefits of the new upgrades:

  • Save Energy with high efficacy – up to 160 lumens per watt
  • Increasing application flexibility with performance packages from 3,400 to 20,000 lumens
  • Reduce initial installation costs in new construction with wider pole spacing
  • New Lunar Optics® design for night-sky-friendly applications
  • Make an architectural statement with four form factors and a variety of decorative housings and trims
  • Gain control and reduce energy with a variety of control options including nLIght® Air wireless systems

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