HMAO LED III High Mast Light

March 15, 2018 Tom Pierce

HMAO LED Gets New Gen 3 Redesign

The new HMAO™ LED III has been engineered to outperform its predecessors and the competition with lumen packages up to 86,000 lumens, improved distribution efficacy and robust 20kV/10kA Extreme Surge Protection. It provides up to 65% energy savings and over 50% maintenance reduction with an expected system life of 20 years.

The offering is further enhanced with newly designed prismatic glass optics, multiple asymmetric & symmetrical distribution patterns, a full array of controls options and field-adjustable output.


Quick facts that you need to know about this product:

  • One-for-one replacement for 400-1,000W HPS high mast
  • Provides up to 30,000-86,000 lumens
  • Extremely efficient at up to 157 LPW!
  • Save up to 65% in energy costs over HID
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT
  • Durable prismatic glass optics and cast aluminum housing
  • Robust 20kV/10kA "Extreme" surge protection
  • Field adjustable output option available
  • 3-pin or 7-pin photocontrol receptacle
  • Works with Acuity Brands ROAM networked control systems
  • Optional 20-year DTL DLL Elite photocontrol
  • UL1598, 40C Wet Location listed

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