Faces of eldoLED: Rob Flinsenberg

October 25, 2023 Daren Hatfield

Meet Rob.

Meet Rob Flinsenberg, our Focus Factory Manager. Rob is responsible for all aspects of daily operations: from logistics, purchasing, and delivery performance, to quality, stock and staffing.  No two days are the same: the team might need to deal with unexpected delays, work around software updates, or deal with the effects of Covid on component supply chains.

Originally, Rob studied Psychology. However, he felt this wasn’t quite what he was looking for. A large part of his studies was related to statistics, modelling and planning, and people skills were also key. This combination serves him surprisingly well in his current job.

The fact that he’s had the opportunity to keep developing in his areas of interest is one of the things that makes eldoLED a great place to work, Rob says.

His Fun Fact 

Four times a week, Rob and his dad wake up early and visit the gym for an hour – this helps him stay fresh and alert during the day. He loves reading fantasy novels, listening to music and enjoys drawing and painting. Rob explains these creative activities relaxes him and helps him make work related decisions with a clear mind!

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