Case Study: Tandheelkundig Centrum

December 14, 2023 Charlotte Dekker

Tandheelkundig Centrum (THC) | Geleen, Netherlands

Tandheelkundig Centrum Geleen (THC) is a high-volume dentist office that offers specialized dental care in a spacious and modern practice. Their dental treatments range from the typical Pediatric and General Dentistry offering to the more specialized Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry procedures.

Dentist appointments last a minimum of 45 minutes and upwards of several hours—with the patient staring directly into the light. THC constantly experienced flicker which proved problematic for staff, patients and the overall experience. They were ready to upgrade their LED lighting for a more Human-Centric approach.  

Implement LED Drivers for Light Stability

Flicker occurs when you use a dimmer with an LED. Visible and non-visible flicker’s side effects can result in dizziness, nausea, headache, migraines, eye strain, loss and epileptic seizures. In dentistry—as well as any healthcare profession—Human-Centric Lighting is vital for procedures that require extensive and intricate concentration. Good quality LED drivers were an integral yet missing puzzle piece for THC.

They installed ECOdrive 30W LED drivers in the dentist office for its ease of designability and optimal dimming capabilities. The addition of these LED drivers converted the 220V AC mains voltage to a constant DC voltage for the LEDs. ECOdrive LED drivers also stabilized the sinusoidal AC voltage that caused the flicker within the dentist office. Additionally, eldoLED’s signature Hybrid HydraDrive technology modulated at a variable frequency that did not disturb the LED drivers’ function in stabilizing and remaining flicker-safe.

The result was flicker-safe dimming in compliance with international IEEE 1789 recommendations. Staff affected by the flicker were satisfied with the improvement of light—enabling THC to retain employees and optimize the dental experience for their patients.

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