The MRSL Strip Light Joins Contractor Select™

The MRSL LED Strop Light Retrofit is Now a Part of Contractor Select™

The MRSL LED Strip Light Retrofit is Now a Part of Contractor Select™

Select configurations of the popular MRSL Strip Light Retrofit Kit are now available through the Contractor Select program with even more competitive pricing.  As part of the Contractor Select program, the MRSL will be readily available and stocked for same-day shipments. The MRSL is an energy-efficient, cost effective, permanent retrofit solution for traditional fluorescent strips.


Contractor Select MRSL Quick Facts

  • 3500L and 7000L options
  • Energy-efficient LED replacement for T8 and T12 strips
  • Fits 4 to 5-inch channel housings 
  • Available in 4-foot and 8-foot lengths
  • 130+ LPW
  • 50,000 hours of reliable illumination



Contractor Select MRSL Webpage | Contractor Select MRSL Specification Sheet | MRSL Installation Video

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Contractor Select Product Flipbook

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