TFX LED Floodlights - Your Distributor Stock Solution for Replacing HID Floods

The TFX LED floodlight family is a complete distributor stock solution for replacing the 28+ million installed base of HID floodlights. Built for fast paybacks, these products have a low initial cost and provide high energy savings. Designed, built and tested to Acuity specifications, the TFX LED floodlights are the reliable choice for distributors and contractors alike.

  • Boatloads of Light – three sizes deliver 7,300, 13,200 and 25,600 lumens
  • Easy HID Conversions – replaces 70W to 400W metal halide
  • Energy Efficient – up to 145 LPW
  • DLC Premium Qualified – eligible for rebate incentives
  • Always in Stock – stocked in multiple DCs and select configurations are part of the Contractor Select® program

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