Reduce Labor and Maintenance Costs with Relight Kits

October 28, 2021 Tonia Hoy

Among the many problems and inconveniences that the pandemic has presented, labor shortages are one that has remained a consistent issue. Electrical and lighting contractors need ways to perform tasks as efficiently as possible to minimize the output of labor needed to get each job completed. The less manpower that is needed on each task for a given job, means the more jobs an electrical contractor can accept and with less personnel per job. 

Pulling old fluorescent light fixtures out of a building and replacing them with all new LED fixtures is a task that requires not only a lot of installation labor and expertise of electricians, but also additional labor for staging, material removal, and significant cleanup. Lithonia Lighting® relight kits are a great option for delivering quality, energy efficient lighting while saving a huge amount of on-the-job labor.

Energy Efficiency for Less

Relight kits are LED retrofits that can help contractors achieve energy-efficient results for a customer using far less labor per installation. With relight kits, older fluorescent fixtures can be upgraded to energy saving LED technology by repurposing the housing that already exists, saving on energy costs by as much as 70%, and nearly eliminating ongoing maintenance. Relight products are saving Lithonia Lighting customers over $500MM in energy costs every year, and that number grows every day. LED relight kits can also offer opportunities for increased customization through simple embedded wireless controls. There’s no need for extra wiring during installation, providing more energy savings and greater design flexibility without additional labor costs.

The “relight” retrofit option allows for an upgrade that is not as costly, less messy and disruptive, and not as labor intensive. Additionally, there’s not the clean up that there would be if replacing the entire housing and fixture, as relight kits install completely from below without ever moving a ceiling tile or entering the plenum. Relight kits are universal and are listed as compatible with nearly every recessed troffer or strip configuration from any manufacturer.

For contractors that are looking for an option to greatly reduce costs, labor, and cleanup, relight kits from Lithonia Lighting offer a wide selection solution. Visit relight kits for more details about upgrading spaces along with multiple “how-to” videos. Also, sign up today to receive our Contractor Corner monthly newsletter to stay updated on new products, training opportunities and more. 

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