The New FieldSET eLearning is Now Available!

May 17, 2024 Daren Hatfield

FieldSET® Replacement LED Drivers eLearning Now Available! 

Ready to learn about FieldSET Replacement LED Drivers? These field-programmable drivers are a powerful and cost-effective solution to service failed LED drivers in the field. Discover the benefits of FieldSET in this brief but comprehensive elearning, including the following topics: 

  • Why is there a need for FieldSET replacement drivers in the market today 
  • How FieldSET solves these market challenges
  • What products and tools comprise FieldSET
  • How to Program FieldSET drivers
  • Advantages of FieldSET as compared to other field-installable alternatives

Take the elearning Now! 

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The New FieldSET eLearning Is Now Available!
The New FieldSET eLearning Is Now Available!