Emergency Lighting Solutions for 347-480VAC Facilities

January 13, 2022 Daren Hatfield

IOTA Emergency Lighting Insider contractor and ceiling

Quite a few emergency lighting options exist for facilities powered by typical 120 to 277VAC line power, but for industrial facilities that use 347 to 480VAC power, supplying emergency lighting  has posed many challenges. To solve these challenges, a variety of solutions are available from IOTA® and Lithonia Lighting®

1) Using a Central Inverter System for Emergency Lighting Power

IOTA Central Inverter Systems offer input and output voltages capable of supplying emergency power for both 347 and 480VAC. Single phase inverters are available for 347VAC applications, while three-phase central inverters are available for 480VAC applications. Central Inverters are perfect for larger facilities that have extensive dedicated emergency circuits or desire full output from the designated emergency fixtures. Options and rating sizes will vary depending on the model selected.

Website: IIS Central Inverters (Single-Phase)
Website: IIS3P Central Inverters (Three-Phase)

2) Install ILBHI Emergency Drivers Within Existing Luminaires

IOTA ILBHI Emergency Drivers are the industry's only 347-480VAC input emergency driver solution. The emergency driver installs within or on top of existing fixtures along the paths of egress to provide emergency illumination at the levels required for your application. Integral emergency drivers are often preferred due to a strong balance of initial expense and adaptability to facility requirements. The ILBHI Series is the only emergency driver that avoids the complications of step-down transformer requirements or the need for dedicated 120/277VAC circuits. View our ILBHI Flipbook to learn more about the advantages of IOTA's 347-480VAC emergency drivers.

Website: ILBHI Emergency Drivers

3) Wall-Mounted Unit Equipment Options

Lithonia Lighting offers industrial-grade emergency units compatible with 347VAC. INDL and EXTL emergency lighting units mount to a wall or column to deliver spec-grade emergency illumination where needed.

Website: INDL
Website: EXTL

After electrical compatibility with your emergency lighting option is addressed, other considerations can then be made according to other applications and preferences, such as delivered light output or installation locations, for example. For more information on these or other IOTA Emergency Lighting Solutions, visit www.iotaengineering.com or call us at 1-800-866-4682.

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