Autobahn ATB0 & ATB2 LEM Upgrade

June 12, 2017 Tom Pierce

Autobahn ATB0 & ATB2 Get Boost in Lumen Output and Efficacy

The AEL® Autobahn ATB0 & ATB2 have been upgraded to deliver over 16,000 lumens (ATB0) and 40,000 lumens (ATB2), ensuring an industry-leading position in performance. To meet the needs for jobs requiring lower lumens and watts, the ATB0 also has a 10 LED engine configuration which delivers 3,000- 6,000 lumens at lower prices. For lighting applications that may need special mounting hardware, we have added universal mounting brackets, making it easier to retrofit to existing round and square poles.

Quick facts that you need to know about this product:

  • Replaces 70-400W HPS cobraheads
  • Over 60% energy savings compared to HID
  • Efficacies up to 143 LPW
  • ATB0 Lumen Packages: 3,000-16,800 lumens
  • ATB2 Lumen Packages: 11,500-44,700 lumens
  • ANSI C136 20kV/10kA "Extreme" surge protection
  • Robust 3G rated aluminum housing
  • Light weight: ATB0-14 lbs; ATB2-21 lbs
  • Available in 3000K, 4000K and 5000K CCT
  • IP66 rated for up to 40C ambient
  • Field Adjustable Output option
  • Comprehensive ROAM network controls available

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