Acuity Brands Roadway Applications Video

January 15, 2019 Tom Pierce

Acuity Brands® Roadway LED... Seeing is Believing!

Our latest Outdoor LED application video takes you on a tour of just a few more examples of the wide variety of reliable, energy-saving lighting and controls solutions that Acuity Brands can provide you for streets and roadways. This brief trip will give you a birds-eye view of just how effective that our Holophane® and AEL® products are at bringing unparalleled visibility and uniformity to roadway applications. Take the tour now to see just how much our energy-saving solutions can transform your nighttime roadway experience… because seeing is believing!

Products Featured in this Video:

Teardrop LED II
GranVille II LED
Washington Postlite LED
Autobahn ATBM



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