The Simple Solution to a Smarter Home is Now Available to Consumers via Juno AI LED Downlights

November 25, 2019 Jerrice Cuvilly


Alexa: I want to order a pizza.

Alexa: Cue the holiday music and dim the lights.

When integrated skills are activated in a voice commanded smart home device enabled with Alexa, it creates more possibilities for what these devices can do for you. By early 2019, Alexa had an estimated 80,000 voice applications built worldwide, up from 70,000 in December of 2018 (Forrester Research, Voice Technology Is The Key To Faster Smart Home Adoption, May 2019). As 2019 ends, that number has surely increased as developers design more useful and task-oriented skills to extend the customer experience into the home (to see the Alexa Skills Kit, visit:

With the Juno AI™ portfolio of programmable smart home lighting fixtures from Acuity Brands, we have improved upon the integration of Alexa’s cloud-based voice service with a premium speaker from JBL. Acuity Brands’ has reimagined what used to be three separate devices into one fully functioning consolidated unit for the most commonly used spaces in the home.

“What we have accomplished with Juno AI is both simple and innovative. This downlight allows consumers to control their entire smart home from one device, through an ecosystem that is located out of sight. Juno AI weaves smart home automation and voice-assistance into our everyday activities,” said Jeff Spencer, Acuity Brands Lighting Vice President and General Manager of Smart and Connected Devices says.

Most people are looking for ways to simplify their lives and technology has proven to be one of the fastest adopted tools to help us. However, there is also technology hardware clutter that we can stand to minimize in our spaces. Juno AI is the solution, leaving one device that can manage a variety of functions from playing music to running the vacuum and controlling lighting.

It does not require special skills for ceiling installation and depending on the model can be paired with up to 200 devices or up to 200 Juno AI lights through its Bluetooth capabilities. The Juno AI portfolio makes seamless smart home integration easier for consumers by offering privacy controls for muting streaming music or to turn off voice control completely.

Read Forrester’s Perspective to understand more about how this technology has taken off and where it will go in the future:

The Juno AI portfolio are currently available nationwide through Amazon and Acuity Brands lighting agents, showrooms and electrical distributors.

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