New Market Needs for Watertight and Submersible Luminaires, Part 2: The Future of Hydrel

February 19, 2020 Jerrice Cuvilly

Missed part 1? Read it here, it discusses new market needs and the innovation of Hydrel's watertight and submersible luminaires.

The trend towards more greenspaces, outdoor areas and inviting pedestrian walkways translates to a need from developers, architects and designers for outdoor lighting works for these spaces where lighting is needed. According to research firm Navigant, by 2035 it is estimated that LED luminaires will continue to take the major of the outdoor lighting market share, growing to 93.8% from the estimated 67.9% in 2016 (Navigant Research, LED Street Lights Experience Continued Growth, 2016). 

And, according to the Department of Energy (DOE), outdoor area lighting is a large contributor to US energy usage. Companies and outdoor space developers planning new projects or upgrading venues can help cut energy usage by moving to more LEDs, which cut energy usage by approximate 50% (Electrical Contractor, “Bright Lights Ahead: Outdoor LED Lighting”, April 2019).

These trends make Hydrel and other Acuity Brands lighting products a comprehensive offering for a lighting design plan that provides the appropriate amount of illumination for the project and reduces energy usage when compared to sodium outdoor luminaires. 

Today’s innovations to the Hydrel family have created an even stronger, more modern product for the architectural and design needs of the outdoor lighting market. Future enhancements will leverage the capabilities of digital technologies from Acuity Brands such as static-white and colored lighting (RGBW color changing) LEDs as well as higher lumen output for enhanced optics and visibility. Additionally, embedding technologies such as controls will provide better energy efficiency and lighting management as well as help streamline the installation process. Controls are becoming more and more advanced and can create a secure network across sites for building maintenance, facilities management and monitoring of indoor/outdoor lighting by cities and municipalities.

The Hydrel luminaires used at major venues in cities such as Las Vegas, Orlando and other destination cities are holding up under the most severe and challenging conditions such as water submersion, heavy pedestrian traffic and other situations. The products are designed to perform decades after installation because of the metal die cast exterior and patented enclosure of the luminaire elements.

Hydrel can be used in new venues or renovation opportunities. To learn more about Hydrel, visit

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