Luminaire Embedded Controls Help to Achieve Design Flexibility and Enhance the Building and Occupant Experience

December 22, 2020

Gilles Abrahamse, Vice President and General Manager, Digital Luminaire Components at Acuity Brands Lighting discusses the rising usage of lighting controls as a top solution for connected buildings in an article in the November/December issue of BUILDINGS. The article talks about the growing popularity of lighting controls as a solution that helps achieve design flexibility, simplify space reconfigurations and for the ability to connect to building management systems.

According to a 2020 Connected Building Survey conducted by IDC (sponsored by Acuity Brands), lighting controls is one of the top five connected building capabilities being deployed this year. But how do you leverage this technology for smarter buildings and facility management?

Whether its for a new construction project or for a renovation project in an older building with existing established walls, embedded lighting controls can be leveraged to create greater control and connectivity of indoor and outdoor spaces, enabling lighting that improves occupant comfort, while providing reduced energy usage and consumption.  

Two technologies for consideration are:  

1. nLight®: By creating a digitally connected network using nLight enabled LED luminaires and other nLight lighting control devices, indoor and outdoor spaces can be controlled seamlessly while reducing energy usage and improving occupant comfort.

2. eldoLED®: This digital driver technology makes it possible to effortlessly integrate control components that are fully embedded within the luminaire. Featuring two-way communications, these drivers are a reliable constant in the design of any solution and key to creating attractive, connected lighting.

A well-designed lighting controls system can connect to building management systems and lead to more effective building operations and flexible configuration to address future needs. To learn more, read Gilles Abrahamse’s article in the November/December 2020 BUILIDNGS magazine issue.

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