Lighting in Outdoor Spaces – The Lithonia Lighting Advantage

January 28, 2021

Lighting in Outdoor Spaces – The Lithonia Lighting Advantage

Get the Upper Hand on Addressing Energy Efficiency, Lighting Quality and Light Pollution

Recently, Eric Gibson, Director – Outdoor Products, Acuity Brands had the opportunity to share his deep knowledge of outdoor lighting in an Acuity Brands sponsored article with LD+A magazine. Focusing on light quality and light pollution, Eric discusses how lighting for outdoor spaces has seen its share of advancements since the introduction of LEDs, both in terms of design and the benefits. Newly designed LED lighting provides such benefits as longer product life, improved optical control to reduce light pollution, greater dimming capabilities and light quality. Additionally, LED lighting delivers even greater energy reductions (of 70% over the products replaced), making replacement a financially sound and energy management conscious decision to conserve costs and consumption in the many outdoor spaces where additional lighting is a need.

For these reasons, the high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaires of the past are no longer the effective choice for projects. HIDs over-light areas directly underneath the luminaire and emit significant amounts of stray light that cannot be controlled in the same ways that LEDs provide uniform and controlled lighting in outdoor spaces.

You may have heard that blue-emitted light from LEDs is of concern to the environment and have potentially harmful impacts, but LEDs have evolved to include amber-colored light choices that eliminate this need for concern. The effects on the environment around us can be mitigated when well-designed LED lighting is not in use. The question for electrical contractors, lighting designers and specifiers isn’t about “Why should we use LEDs?”, it should be centered on “Which LED luminaires are the right ones to use for the job?”

The wide range of outdoor luminaires from Lithonia Lighting® are best-sellers and offer many benefits including advanced controls that can be networked for interior and exterior spaces, but also blue light reduction if needed. With our commitment to providing customers with the best choices and easier installation, we can take the guesswork out of choosing the right luminaires to specify for the job.

For the past 75 years, Lithonia Lighting, an Acuity Brands company has been providing the Best Value in Lighting™ by offering our customers products known for their quality, reliability, and solid performance.  To learn more about Lithonia Lighting outdoor lighting solutions, visit



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