Intersection of Sustainability and Technology

January 3, 2023 Rachael Jernigan

Two of today’s most important mega-trends in our world are minimizing the impacts of climate change and maximizing the impacts of technology. Our collective businesses must develop and promote lighting technology solutions that save our customers energy and reduce their carbon emissions while enhancing lighting quality.

It is imperative that we position our businesses as solutions providers in-step with energy-efficiency and other sustainability initiatives, which are becoming increasingly more important to customers. Our job is to represent to customers new, energy-efficient products and solutions with the environmental benefits of removing older, less-efficient technology from a space or building.

What’s Ahead: Beyond Carbon Neutral

In fiscal 2021, Acuity Brands achieved carbon neutrality in our operations. We committed to do more by establishing our goal of enabling 100 million metric tons of carbon avoidance as a result of our projected 2020-2030 sales of products and services replacing older technologies. Internally, this goal has had a galvanizing effect on how we manage the carbon we consume as a company and develop solutions to help customers do the same.

We have now set our sights on reaching Net Zero – an ambitious effort to further reduce our carbon emissions by 2040. To get there, we plan to work with the Science-Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) to establish new interim targets to reduce our Scope 1, 2, and 3 carbon emissions. We are excited about this next step in our journey.

In addition, given the high engagement and visibility across local communities as a result of our EarthLIGHT in Action efforts, we plan to carry forward this philanthropic campaign with our independent sales network and extend the scope to distributors and customers. We intend to continue to demonstrate how companies can engage with their network to think global and act local to make an impact.

Please read our recently published 2022 EarthLIGHT report to learn more about Acuity’s initiatives and how we can all benefit.


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