Value, Quality and Trust – The Guiding Priorities for Lithonia Lighting

October 26, 2020

Lithonia Lighting®, an Acuity Brands company, has nearly 75 years of experience designing and manufacturing lighting for commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications. And during these past seven decades, the guiding priorities of Lithonia Lighting have been value, quality and trust. These leading priorities have kept our foundation firm as we have established our hallmark product line as a known and trusted industry standard.

While our priorities have remained the same, we continue to move the Lithonia Lighting brand forward through innovation and continuous improvement. One of our most recent innovations -- visually comfortable, glare minimizing optical lenses – help enhance the end-user experience with high quality lighting output, comfort and uniformity. In addition, our embedded wired or wireless controls, allow for more precise lighting usage based on occupancy, provide more energy-efficient management and costs savings than using LED luminaires alone. 

Known for their reliability and solid performance, our luminaires are chosen repeatedly as one of the most specified brands in the lighting industry for new construction, renovations and retrofit projects. Lithonia Lighting products offer endless options and configurations to suit the needs of almost any application while providing the versatility and stylish aesthetics architects and designers desire for indoor and outdoor spaces. In addition, many of our products meet or exceed stringent UL standards and other industry codes and requirements. 

For almost 75 years, we have proven to new and existing customers alike that they can be confident in our lighting, light quality output and the technological advancements in our luminaires. As we move into the future, launching new products and fine-tuning the designs of existing ones, the priorities and commitment to dependable service will stay consistent. Learn more about Lithonia Lighting:

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