Relight Promotes Sustainability and Cost Savings for Building Owners

September 30, 2021 Rachael J Richards

It’s no secret that commercial electricity rates have risen over the last few years. Most US businesses have seen their electricity rates go up by as much as 11 percent over the last 12-18 months. Old, inefficient lighting can often be the largest user of electrical energy at roughly 40 percent of the total bill for commercial establishments.

Finding ways to lower energy costs without compromising lighting quality or ramping up replacement expenses is a much sought-after goal. A highly viable solution to achieve this objective, while also offering a sustainable option, is through Relight kits from Lithonia Lighting®.

Saving Energy and the Environment

Converting those old, inefficient fluorescent fixtures to new LED lighting using Relight kits is a very affordable way to upgrade lighting quality, save energy, and get a completely refreshed “look” in the space. Relight kits repurpose that old fluorescent fixture in the ceiling and convert it to LED lighting that can save on energy costs by as much as 70%, nearly eliminate ongoing maintenance, and modernize the interior design.

There are also lasting environmental benefits beyond energy savings. Relight kits require significantly less material to produce than an entire replacement, and reusing the old fluorescent housing prevents roughly 8.5 pounds of steel per fixture from heading to the scrapyard. Additionally, by switching from fluorescent to LEDs, building owners and facility managers are eliminating the chance of mercury cleanup due to lamp breakage. LED Relight kits are designed to reduce environmental impact and carbon footprint from cradle to grave.

Using Relight kits is the ideal solution for building owners looking to cut costs while maintaining quality, decreasing installation labor, and reducing their carbon footprint to work toward a more sustainable building overall. Find out more about Lithonia Lightings’ Relight product portfolio.



Image 1: 
2x4 fluorescent parabolics retrofitted with Lithonia 2BLT4R LED Relight kit. Input watts reduced by 56W per fixture (66% savings) and lighting improved dramatically without removing old fixtures from ceiling.
Project: Provo High School, Provo, UT
Photographer: Aaron Shaw - Endeavor Architectural Photography
Agent and Specifer: JRC and Envision

Image 2:
Lithonia Lighting Relight products have saved customers over $500MM to date through lower labor costs and increased energy efficiency. Installation is quick and easy while minimizing waste, disposal, and disruption.
Photo courtesy of Acuity Brands Lighting, Inc. 

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