Sunoptics The Advantages of Prismatic Skylights

October 19, 2015

One sun lights all, but one skylight does not fit all. Sunoptics is the pioneer of a unique concept in skylight design—prismatic skylights. No other skylight lets in more natural light, while providing the optimum level of diffusion for 100% glare free distributed light. The result is a soft yet bright natural light that illuminates more efficiently over a wider area of the room, for more hours of the day, optimizing the reduction of electric lighting usage. To make our skylight technology work for customers across the widest spectrum of applications, Sunoptics produces a wide variety of types and sizes. Our prismatic skylight designs include: - Sunoptics Signature Series (Industrial/Commercial applications for MAXIMUM daylighting results) - Double-Hip/Pyramid (When architectural appearance is the highest importance) - Flat (for high pitch or low profile applications) - Multi-Lite (for custom architectural and oversized applications) Sunoptics offers three levels of glazing options: choose from single, double or triple glazed, depending on your climatic zone and type of building. Insulated thermal break frames, foam curb seals and weather sweeps are standard on our 800MD frame design. For over 30 years, Sunoptics has manufactured the highest structural and leak free design of any skylight on the market. Light Control Louvers and automated lighting controls can be added to any skylight design for office or school settings, or anywhere you want to control the amount of daylight in the space. For more information, visit:

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