nLight AIR How to Install a New Lighting Fixture

February 5, 2020

This video will walk through the steps to installing an nLight AIR programmed lighting fixture and how to sync the designated device to this nLight AIR app. This program is a simplified wireless lighting control system that gives users the ability to monitor their lighting systems with handheld devices. Managing office ceiling lights or classroom lights can now be done on your phone! nLight AIR is comprised of Acuity Brands commercial lighting fixtures with embedded smart sensors and wireless battery powered wall switches that can be accessed by any handheld device. To learn more about the nLight AIR, visit our website: Some of the benefits for using these devices are the simple installation, industry leading 5-tier wireless security architecture, and a design certified to follow local energy codes in renovation projects. Learn more about nLight AIR and other devices programmed with this technology through this Acuity Brands product page: The lighting fixture features in this video is the VTL. Additional information about this product can be found here:

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Got a Minute?  Use Cases for Your Hospital
Got a Minute? Use Cases for Your Hospital

A few use cases

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