Atrius IoT Solutions - Leveraging Lighting as a Platform

May 17, 2017

Greg Carter, Vice President & General Manager, Atrius, Acuity Brands

It’s time to shed some light on the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) space. Literally.

Lighting is ubiquitous, and is installed, powered and connected throughout most of our indoor and outdoor spaces, both commercially and in home environments. With the emergence of LEDs, today’s lighting solutions now feature onboard intelligence – making LED lighting the best and least expensive gateway for IoT platforms that connect systems, spaces and people in a vast sensory network.

In the coming years, millions of lights will be converted to LED technology due to its enhanced lighting quality and economic advantages. So it makes sense for businesses to choose luminaires today that will enable the greatest impact and ROI, enhanced with a powerful, connected infrastructure that extends beyond lighting and into the IoT.

We’re calling this phenomenon the Internet of Us, designed with connectivity and people in mind, and just this past May, we unveiled our new AtriusTM brand, which encompasses our complete portfolio of IoT business solutions and our innovative Atrius software platform.

Here’s how it can work: When a business chooses products enabled with Atrius, it has the ability to connect systems, technology and people throughout the lifecycle of its facilities, unlocking value-added building and business applications. Luminaires and lighting controls (edge devices) enabled with Atrius lay the foundation for a scalable IoT infrastructure, allowing the user to effectively leverage its sensory network.

Currently, we’re working with a number of major retailers to install the Atrius Sensory Network solution as part of their LED lighting upgrades. Once operational, Atrius will enable a highly accurate indoor positioning system to connect and engage shoppers and store associates. Atrius also guides shoppers to specific products on a store shelf, permits retailers to receive and act on customer assistance requests, or deliver pre-ordered products directly to an in-store customer – all thanks to indoor positioning and mobile wayfinding services.

Similarly, we are working on Atrius IoT applications with a major airport, which will provide a range of solutions to improve passenger experience throughout the facility, while making sure these enhanced services are available to benefit the airlines, restaurants and stores that serve as airport tenants. For instance, Atrius combines asset tracking services with Bluetooth® BLE tags to manage critical equipment and resources for easy, real-time location and status monitoring.

And it all begins with lighting … that is what is unique about our approach to IoT and we look forward to leading future deployments of lighting-based IoT capabilities.  Welcome to the Internet of Us! Click here to learn more about Atrius.

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