Why Building Owners Should Consider Lighting Their Space During the Holidays

The holiday festivities start earlier each year. Years ago, holiday shopping began on Black Friday; radio stations began playing Christmas music on December 1. But now, music begins around Halloween; Santa visits the mall in mid-November, and Black Friday sales begin on Thanksgiving Day.

And let’s not forget the holiday lights. It’s true – each year, more people decorate their homes, desk spaces and offices earlier in the year for the holidays. Why?

Psychology. According to Business Insider, studies show that decorating for the holidays, including putting up Christmas lights, makes people happier. But holiday lighting isn’t just for residents. Building owners can also experience multiple benefits from lighting their office spaces. Here’s what you should know.

  1. Holiday lighting is great décor – and great marketing to customers.

Holiday lighting communicates the holiday spirit, and it also communicates that an office or company is warm and inviting. By using holiday lighting as a marketing strategy, companies create an emotional connection to customers – especially through pure, vivid colors. And rather than focusing only on interior holiday lighting installations to enhance a customer’s experience, consider exterior lighting so commuters can enjoy the festive lighting while traveling throughout the day.

One solution to exterior lighting? The Winona® Winline 500 Series, an award-winning linear accent luminaire that delivers superior optical performance and efficiency. Available in RGBW and Static Color, the Winline 500 Series has a colorful option that’s right for your space.

  1. And it also brings a cheerful vibe to your employees.

Your customers are important, but your employees are, too. And while employees are decorating their homes in anticipation for the holiday season, a great employer implements multiple strategies to communicate appreciation toward employees. Entrepreneur explains that decorating a workplace is one of the best ways to boost employee morale during the holidays.

No need to keep your Winline 500 Series outdoors – its static color options (including red and green) are vibrant, cheerful and perfect for interior office spaces. And like the outdoor options, RGBW is also available in the interior Winline 500 Series along with Static Color and Tunable White options.

  1. Choose your holiday lighting colors with color psychology in mind.

The effect of color on a person is related to context. So, it’s no surprise that nostalgia is a factor when people view colors. Since green and red are traditional Christmas colors, most viewers associate these colors with childhood memories. Whether lighting interior or exterior spaces, The Winline 500 Series contains dynamic features such as the saturated RGBW colors and Tunable White, as well as Static Colors, creating happy moods – and happy memories.

Get your employees and customers in the holiday spirit with colorful interior or exterior lighting. Happy Holidays from Winona Lighting.

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