How to Help Business Owners Market Brands with Colored Lighting

May 5, 2020 Mary Rebecca Harakas

From Nike to Coca-Cola®, the world’s most influential companies have a strong association with their branding. While logos are important for branding, the right combination of colors can make or break a logo and in effect, overall branding. Why?

Color psychology. Color helps businesses increase their brand recognition with the desired reaction they want to provoke, plus establish familiarity and trust with their target audience. For excitement and a bold look, businesses like Target choose red. For trust, dependability and strength, brands like Lowe’s® and Dell choose blue.

Studies show that color influences up to 90% of a customer’s snap decision to make a purchase. Bottom line: the right choice of color not only strengthens the brand association but impacts business success.

Business owners want to send the right message to their target audience. While integrating brand colors into a website and collateral work well, you can help business owners make an even stronger impact with colored lighting. Here’s how:

Create an inviting environment for their customers.

Color plays a huge role in how a brand is perceived. Few consumers prefer a cold, uninviting environment that screams, “Make a purchase and leave.” The world’s most inviting brands use warm colors often associated with energy. However, cooler temperatures are linked to calmness and security.

Our brains prefer immediately recognizable brands, which is why color is an important element when creating a brand identity and ensuring it flows through every element of a customer’s experience – from the digital to the in-store experience.

One solution? Use exterior static color lighting to intrigue customers before they step in the store.  The award-winning Winona® Winline 500 Series offers four static color options – red, green, blue and amber – plus custom color options and RBGW to place colored light where it’s intended.

Don’t forget their employees’ experience.

Customers are important, but their employees are, too. Forbes explains that employee satisfaction is a common performance indicator for business success. Therefore, when employees are happy, they provide better results, which is vital for business continuity.

No need to keep the Winline 500 Series outdoors – bring Static Color, RBGW, or even Tunable White options, indoors to create a vibrant, cheerful business that promotes productivity and creativity. 

  Distinguish the brand from competitors.

  Did you know? 95% of the top 100 brands use only one or two      colors, and multiple brands within the same industry can often      have similar color schemes, such as Texaco, Exxon and Circle K      (all are gas stations with red branding) or Dell, HP and IBM (all        are software companies with blue branding).


Differentiate businesses with static color lighting where prospective clients or current customers are sure to explore, such as the lobby and common areas.

Color is important for creating a powerful brand. Consider colored lighting to help business owners step up their marketing by promoting brand colors with the Winline 500 Series.

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