How to Add Layers of Light In Your Space

To illuminate a room properly, light layering – ambient, accent and task lighting – brings a room to life with design flexibility and functionality. How? Ambient lighting provides general illumination; accent lighting highlights architectural characteristics; task lighting provides focused, bright illumination for focused work. While no single lighting solution provides all 3 layers, multiple solutions can dually provide ambient and accent lighting, such as cove lighting. 

Here’s how to use the award-winning Winona® Winline 500 to create ambient and accent lighting layers, leading to a balanced space:

Build upon natural sunlight with ambient lighting

More often than not, the human eye finds natural sunlight to be the most appealing. After all, no one enjoys glare or harsh lighting. Depending on the time of day, ambient lighting can build upon natural lighting with a soft ceiling. A cove lighting solution, such as the Winline 502 can be found in ledges or high on walls to direct light up toward the ceiling. With its eldoLED® driver that allows for flicker-free dimming to dark, Winline 502 provides adjustable ambient lighting for different times of day.

Available in 300 to 1000 lumens per foot, Winline 502 also has a direct view lens creating glare control for maximum output with a softer source when used in direct view applications

Create interest with accent lighting

Architectural details, such as textured walls or unique décor, deserve attention. With market-leading precision optics, Winline 501 provides wall grazing to skim light across a surface to highlight texture, wall washing for smooth, even distribution across a surface, or floodlighting and spot lighting to emphasize specific details with targeted distribution. The result? Outstanding accent lighting.

Winline 501 has exceptional beam control, placing light with precision across multiple surface types.

Get more inspiration on creating ambient and accent lighting in your space with the new Winline 500 Design Guide, coming soon.

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Find Inspiration For Your Next Lighting Project: The Winline 500 Design Guide

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