Can Lighting Design Make Us More Creative? Absolutely.

Technologies and businesses are evolving, leading to an evolution in what it means to work in an office space or classroom. Flexible work hours are the new norm; co-working spaces replace standard office cubicles, and a shift toward dedicated creative spaces aims to invigorate focus, energy and innovation.

So, what do the most creative spaces have in common? Human interaction. Google, Kickstarter, among other workplaces prioritize creativity by creating spaces where employees want to interact, share ideas and collaborate. And fostering a culture of creativity starts with workplace design and its impact on human psychology. Multiple factors impact creativity in the workplace, especially lighting and color. Here’s how you can step up the creativity in your next classroom or office space.

1) Take on Tunable White.

Research has shown that connectivity with the natural world can reduce stress, improve memory and increase creativity. Thus, one solution is for architects to design workplaces with natural elements, including the feeling of natural lighting. Tunable White is a dynamic feature that fosters a sense of the passage of time and creates scenes in a space to help occupants be more focused or energetic.

Found in the Winona® Silhouette family of high-performing decorative luminaires and the award-winning Winona Winline 500 Series linear accent luminaires, Tunable White features different ranges. The Rhythm Range (2700K-6500K) is ideal for mimicking the natural rhythms of daylight, with a broad palette of color temperatures. The Layers Range (2200K-5000K) offers the flexibility of Tunable White control with the aesthetics of Warm Dimming, another dynamic option that evokes a welcoming atmosphere.

2) Incorporate color psychology.

Color greatly influences human behavior, so it’s no surprise that understanding color psychology is critical. Some studies link green colors to creative thinking; yellow invokes cheer; blue has a calming effect – perfect for balancing a hectic environment. And while you may consider painting your walls green, yellow or blue, your choice of luminaire finish may be the key. With 13 vibrant painted finishes, Silhouette allow designers to select the exact luminaire to fit your creative space.

While multiple design factors impact one’s creativity, choice of lighting and color can dramatically enhance a space. So construct a more creative space with Winona Lighting. 

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