5 Decorative Lighting Design Predictions for 2020

A few color trends in interior design have made their mark over the past few years: muted palettes of neutral colors, stark white interiors – and lots of rose gold. And while these color trends are prevalent to creating a look and feel in an interior space, lighting also plays a key role. From decorative sconces to pendants, multiple lighting solutions enhance interior design, bringing a cohesive look and feel to a space.

With the change of each new year (or decade), new trends emerge, and many distinctive styles evolve or fade. Here are 5 decorative lighting predictions to anticipate in 2020.

  1. Personality is back

Seeing the same styles over and over gets dull. Lighting that screams “extremely unique” such as unusual materials, shapes and patterns will take precedent in the new decade. Authenticity is key. After all, designing a space is all about your vision, which is reflective of your personality. Various sizes and shapes to lighting, such as two pendant options, a ceiling mount and complementary wall sconces available with the Winona® Silhouette family can provide inspiration for your next project.

  1. An evolving timeless look

Some trends are temporary, while others can last a lifetime. Over the past 10 years, a larger emphasis on developing a personal style has many business owners wanting more long-term solutions in their workplaces. Therefore, high-performing, quality (but simply elegant) lighting solutions like the Winona portfolio will be top of mind.  

  1. Even more energy-efficiency

Energy efficiency is growing more critical across the country. But with specifiable lumen output options, designers can control the intensity and energy usage of lighting. Silhouette has a wider indirect throw combined with independently specifiable direct and indirect lumen outputs and flicker-free deep dimming. This allows luminaires to be spaced further apart, leading to less luminaires (and therefore energy) used in the space.

  1. Colors are the new neutrals

We’ve had our share of monochromatic neutrals in interior spaces. Warm colors, saturated hues and jewel tones will take center stage in the new decade. While selecting colors for materials and furniture, consider colors for your light fixtures – such as the 13 standard colors or custom colors available with Silhouette - or dynamic linear accent lighting from the award-winning Winline 500 Series. Static Color or RGBW can create vibrant, bold effects while Warm Dimming, reminiscent of evening light, dramatically impacts the ambiance of a space indoors or out.

  1. Patterns are more prevalent

We’ve seen the days with too little patterns – and the days with too many patterns. But we anticipate 2020 to bring renewed energy to using patterns across textiles and lighting solutions. Patterns, such as the five nature-inspired patterns with Silhouette, add interesting visuals to a space.

New years bring new changes to lighting design. And Winona is excited to help you bring your lighting design style to life. 

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