3 Ways Wincove™ Breathes New Life into Your Cove Lighting Experience

If you’re creating drama or a subtle effect, cove lighting is your answer. But cove lighting does more than just diffuse illumination:

  • It’s a decorative effect.
  • It’s energy efficient.
  • It allows for dimming control.  

But let’s be honest. Cove lighting often has an intricate installation process, leading to a lot of time and headache on the jobsite. We all know that time is money in the lighting industry. And when hearing the frustration of the installation process from contractors, few architects and lighting designers want to specify such a complex lighting solution.

Here’s why the new Winona® Wincove™ integrated cove system breathes new life into your cove lighting experience.

  1. It creates efficiency – and not just for energy savings.

Custom cove lighting solutions have an intricate engineering design that creates hassle and frustration on the jobsite. And since most cove systems have a complex design, these systems can often require multiple electrical contractors working together, leading to several hours’ work on the jobsite.

Wincove increases efficiency because contractors spend less time installing or troubleshooting the cove system. Traditional cove systems require framing the interior of a space followed by a secondary framing of the luminaire. Rather than building the cove from scratch, contractors have a complete system with WIncove. The extrusion is the framing, creating more consistently straight runs and less cracking at the seams, which is coupled with the luminaire.

Moving into installation, Wincove uses a robust design equipped with hidden, but not blind fasteners, so contractors can easily align and secure the cove system.

Inconsistently aligned cove lighting is often a reason many contractors return to a job site to rework or refinish, but secure wall mount brackets and inner alignment brackets with Wincove ensure profile continuity in linear runs. Also, by using standard welded rather than fastened inside and outside 90-degree corners, Wincove creates seamless alignment at the corner.

  1. It provides more design options.

With two extrusion profiles (knife edge and square edge) each with two mounting options (mud-in and drywall), Wincove can create various lighting effects across both horizontal and vertical surfaces with either a Lambertian or an asymmetric distribution. The result? Jaw-dropping visual effects.

Thanks to its robust construction, Wincove can be mounted in vertical or horizontal surfaces to light ceilings, floors or walls.

With clear and frosted wipe-down lens options, lighting designers and architects can incorporate Wincove into any application that needs low-maintenance and easy to clean lighting, such as healthcare spaces. And for designers who want to mount their cove lighting vertically or off a cloud, a frosted lens helps conceal the light source, reducing visual discomfort and leaving a finished result.

  1. It offers greater flexibility.

Flexibility is key to comfort in any space. Wincove can be specified with both nLight® and nLight AIR® controls from Acuity Brands®. With its Tunable White, Static White, Static Color and Warm Dimming options, Wincove provides the dynamic and color options you desire to elevate your space.

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