3 Reasons Why Silhouette Exemplifies Collaboration with Lighting Designers

Let’s be honest. The most inspiring lighting designs start with collaboration – and not only between a lighting designer and an architect. Incorporating collaboration among lighting designers, end-users, luminaires and the surrounding space, great lighting design inspires productivity and creativity, complements architecture and maintains a timeless feel even as design trends change.

Design trends are constantly changing, leading to more designers in need of lighting solutions that deliver it all: unmatched visual comfort, outstanding dimming and controls, and sleek finishes. In essence, a great lighting solution collaborates with you, the lighting designer.  

Recently, Winona® introduced the Silhouette, a family of luminaires that collaborates with you and your space. Here’s why:

  1. You now have the power to take even more control of your space.

Historically, the Winona portfolio was built upon beautiful decorative luminaires. But with the change in design trends designers expect more than just aesthetics. And Silhouette delivers more than just aesthetics.

Enhanced dimming and networked controls are two critical components to customizing the environment in a space. Combining these features with superior uniformity and visual comfort, Silhouette collaborates with your vision, giving you more control of your space. Take control – and make the space your own.

  1. It’s human nature to like options – and Silhouette has all your design options.

With multiple patterns, sizes and finishes at your fingertips, it may be tough to choose which combination is your favorite – but easy to select the right luminaire to collaborate with your space. And with Tunable White and Warm Dimming options, your space’s occupants can adjust the lighting to coincide with their mood.

  1. Energy efficiency is top of mind.

Energy efficiency isn’t going away anytime soon – in fact, it’s becoming even more critical in building projects across the country. According to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, more than half the energy used in commercial buildings is driven by heating and lighting. With specifiable lumen output options, designers can control intensity and energy usage with Silhouette.

With its combination of independently specifiable direct and indirect distributions, Silhouette luminaires can be spaced further apart, leading to less luminaires used in a space. The result? Less energy used thanks to less luminaires (and less money spent – a win-win for the environment and your project’s budget).

From the various controls to design options, Silhouette is highly configurable and designed with you in mind. So, pick your pattern, select your size, determine your dimming: let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life.

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