3 Facts to Know about the Winline 500 Series

From elevating ceilings to highlighting wall finishes, linear accent lighting provides a breadth of options for decorating your space. And while many linear accent luminaires feature various options, few solutions provide all the options you’re looking for: precise distribution options, assorted dynamic options, indoor and outdoor flexibility and usage across any application.

Except the Winona® Winline 500 Series.

Here are 3 facts to know about the Winline 500 Series, the most versatile linear accent lighting solution from Winona:

  1. It has award-winning optical performance

After its market introduction in Spring 2019, the Winline 500 Series received multiple awards for its outstanding optical performance, including the 2019 Progress Report Selection Seal from IES and a 2019 Product Innovation Award (PIA) from Architectural SSL Magazine. Whether floodlighting, grazing or wall washing, exceptional beam control places light exactly where you want it.

  1.  Explore a breadth of colors and whites

No need to rely on just Static White (although you can choose among 5 Static White color options). The Winline 500 Series offers Tunable White, allowing occupants to adjust color temperature for different activities, times of day and environments. Prefer more color? Within a single platform, the Winline 500 Series also contains RGBW for saturated or pastel colors, and Static Color options in vibrant red, green, blue and amber hues. For designers looking to create a warm environment, try Warm Dimming to evoke a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Multiple accessories work with your space

Illuminating a specific surface? Left and right power feed cables provide flexibility for electrical connections. Developing the lighting layout for a healthcare setting? The frosted and clear lens options provide easy wipe-down maintenance. Placing your lighting in a direct view application? A straight blade baffle or direct view lens help mitigate glare.

Need inspiration for how you can use the Winline 500 Series? Check back for the Winline 500 Design Guide, available soon.

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