How to Deliver a Dining Experience with Lighting

Forget the food. The look or feel of a restaurant space is the first thing dining guests notice. So, it’s no surprise that restaurant owners focus on every single detail involved in the design of their space. And while function is important for design, creating a memorable experience is even more vital.

How can lighting designers partner with restaurant owners to create a memorable experience with lighting? Check out a few tips.

Direct the lighting distribution

No need to go for the brightest lighting in a restaurant. Instead, balancing the right amount of light with the surrounding textiles and colors reduces eye strain, promoting visual comfort. Uncomfortable eye strain can cause headaches, and no one wants to feel stressed and uneasy when they are reading a menu or enjoying the appearance of a dish (or snapping an Instagram photo of it).

One solution to creating a balanced contrast with lighting: lumen output that can be specified independently between direct and indirect distributions. The Winona® Silhouette pendant offers this functionality, plus is an energy (and money) saver as the widely-uniform distribution allows for less luminaires to be used in a space.

Select soft colors and finishes

Reflected and diffused light can be manipulated to provide soft illumination in a space. When choosing light-colored décor and finishes for surfaces that will help reflect light in a space, don’t forget light-colored fixtures. While Silhouette has 13 vibrant painted finishes, this family has a standard metal finish and custom color options, perfect for your completing the memorable look for your space.

Create visual interest with an accent layer

Through multiple distributions and dynamic effects, linear accent lighting solutions such as the award-winning Winline 500 Series create visual interest through lighting effects. Wall grazing highlights textures; wall washing creates smooth, even distribution across a surface; spot or accent lighting targets specific areas. Visual interest really can come from lighting the right details.

Aside from precise distributions, dynamic effects, such as Warm Dimming, dramatically impact the ambiance of space. Reminiscent of evening light, Warm Dimming (2200K-3000K) evokes a welcoming atmosphere.

Do you have tips for designing a restaurant space with lighting? Find more inspiration from Winona.