Winona Lighting Renews Its Commitment to Custom Solutions

August 10, 2020 Mary Rebecca Harakas

Delivering superior service and developing new ways to bring additional value and capabilities to our customers is a top priority at Winona® Lighting. For more than 25 years, Winona built its legacy as the premier solution for custom lighting. By transitioning toward developing standard product families in the late 1980s, Winona brought together several key capabilities and created a portfolio of solutions that solved the needs of our customers.

Moving forward, Winona will dedicate its resources to providing three exclusive services:

  • creating new customized luminaires
  • performing historic luminaire restorations and replications
  • applying leading-edge technologies before they become mainstream

To enable Winona to maintain an intense focus on these tailored services and further strengthen its legacy of best-in-class custom design, key Winona product families will transition to other brands in the Acuity Brands® architectural portfolio. Winline, Wincove™, Windirect®, Silhouette and other Winona product families will be re-branded to their new homes at Mark Architectural Lighting™, Hydrel®, A-Light™ and Healthcare Lighting®.

For a complete list of Winona products transitions, download our crossover guide or visit 

Crossover Guide

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