Update! Quantum® Extreme Make-Over

September 26, 2018

Lithonia Lighting® Quantum® Extreme Make-Over Update!

The Quantum® extreme make-over is complete.  With new standards for applications requiring attractive, quick-installation, high optical performance and low energy consumption, the new Quantum® family achieves Life Safety lighting that goes well beyond simply "meeting code".  

The current family, ELM2 LED, ELM6 LED and ELMLT are undergoing a phase-out process with supplies expected to last according to the dates below.  

Please use current products as long as supplies last and begin preparing your customers to make the transition to the new products. All new stocking SKUs are moving into inventory. 

Pricing adjustment have been made in Agile and any existing standing quotes have been translated to allow transition from current to new products at price parity.  


Key Improvements and Additions

  • ELM2LF fixed optics provide easy, worry-free installation with automatic path of egress coverage up to 35 feet with no aiming required for wall-mount applications.
  • ELM2LF, ELM2L and ELM4L include optional premium electronics package with lithium iron phosphate batteries, enabling extended run-times or remote capacity, self-diagnostics and remote testing, and constant light output. (This is standard on ELM6L)
  • All input voltages accounted for: 120/277V, 120/347V, SVOLT (220-240V 50-60Hz) and UVOLT (120-347V).

Quick links

ELM4L/ELM6L Spec Sheet | ELM2L/ELM2LF Spec Sheet Product Crossover ELMLTProduct Crossover ELM2 LED | FAQ

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