Indy™ L Series Luminaires with nLight® AIR

Our popular line of Indy™ L Series Commercial LED Luminaires is now available with nLight® AIR wireless lighting control capability for new construction and remodel downlights, adjustables, retrofit kits and cylinders.

nLight AIR is a scalable wireless platform, providing fixture control using a battery-powered, wireless wall switch. The system can also be configured using CLAIRITY Pro, an intuitive mobile start-up app.

For nLight AIR capability with Indy L Series luminaires, simply specify the factory-installed option while ordering.



Downlights (4”, 6” & 8”)L4 Series, L6 Series, L8 Series
Remodels (4”, 6” & 8”)LRM4 Series, LRM6 Series, LRM8 Series
Adjustables (4”, 6” & 8”)LA4 Series, LA6 Series, LA8 Series
Retrofits (6”, 8”, 9”, 10” & 12”)
LRT6 Series, LRT8 Series, LRT9 Series, LRT10 Series, LRT12 Series
Cylinders (4”, 6” & 8”)
LC4W (Wall), LC4S (Surface), LC4P (Pendant), LC4C (Cable)
LC6W (Wall), LC6S (Surface), LC6P (Pendant), LC6C (Cable)
LC8W (Wall), LC8S (Surface), LC8P (Pendant), LC8C (Cable)

nLight® AIR Wireless Lighting Control



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