Does your Holophane industrial fixture have the right surge protection?

July 18, 2018 Heather Nemeth

Reliable surge protection is essential in industrial environments.  Our linear and round high bay products come with minimum 6kV surge protection standard which means that they withstand over 90 surge hits during testing to the ANSI standard. 

LED is much more susceptible to power quality events than traditional technology lighting. This video shows these low cost products undergoing 6kV surge testing as defined by ANSI standards and test procedures. The purpose is to show how vulnerable these typical low cost products are and how quickly they can fail when subjected to surge profiles that can be found in Industrial environments defined by ANSI standards and test procedures.

We've tested some common competitors for the same 6kV surge protection ANSI standard. 

Click here to see how they did!

The complete test, which our Industrial fixtures pass, is comprised of over 90 hits, and can take over 2.5 hours. These “” import fixtures failed within minutes. Some of these fixtures even state surge protection is included in their product and still failed the test. This result highlights the risk you are taking when you go with an unknown unprotected LED fixture as a long term solution for your industrial space.

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