Discontinuation! Indura® Emergency Lights and ELA and ELRG Lamps

April 25, 2019

Effective immediately, the IND and INDX families are no longer available and have been replaced by Indura® and Extreme® Emergency Lights.

With the launch the Indura® and Extreme® LED Emergency Lights, the new INDL and EXTL  families are significantly improved. These industry leading products brings the latest in LED optical performance, battery technology, circuit board design, input and charging circuitry, and embedded software.


Replacement Lamps

Effective Immediately, the ELA MT (metal remote head), ELA RG (recessed gimbal remote), ELA SG (surface gimbal remote), and ELRG (recessed gimbal emergency unit) families will be discontinued.


Helpful Links:

INDL Product Page | EXTL Product Page | Specification Sheets | FAQ | Cross Over 


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Contact Jon Carter | Jonathan.Carter@AcuityBrands.com | 770-593-5110
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