CLX is now even better with two embedded nLight® AIR options

April 9, 2018 Heather Nemeth

The ideal versatile, ultra-efficient LED strip light and wireless control solution that can meet the challenges of your industrial, retail, warehousing and task lighting applications. The Lithonia Lighting® CLX strip light now has two wireless control options for nLight® AIR fixture-embedded devices – with or without sensors.

What does that get you?

  • Easily reconfigure your space with the ability to adjust the lighting to meet the needs of the project or occupants (or tenants).
  • Both the rES7 and rIO devices use Bluetooth® and 900Mhz radios providing individual device control delivering maximum control for configuring and reconfiguring your space.
  • Both can be used in the same space and linked easily together when configuring or reconfiguring the space. The rES7 and rIO can also link to a ceiling mount sensor for another sensor solution
  • Use the CLAIRITY Pro mobile app for easy start-up, configuration and modification of nLight® AIR wireless controls.

How are they different?

  • rES7 has an integrated motion and daylight sensor (PIR standard / Dual technology available). With a sensor in every fixture, designing spaces for proper occupancy coverage is simple
  • rIO is a more affordable wireless option when you do not need sensors. When aesthetics is key, you can have the wireless configurability without the look of a sensor on every fixture.

Helpful Tools:

CLX             Web Page | Specification Sheet | Sell Sheet

rES7            Web Page | Specification Sheet 

rIO              Web Page | Specification Sheet 

For more information on the ClAIRity PRO app Specification Sheet | Quick Start Guide

Learn more about nLight® AIR and the indoor, outdoor and industrial solutions




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