Juno® Trac-Master LED Vertical Cylinder Fixtures

Dazzling performance, classic styling, exceptional efficiency
Posted in News on October 03, 2016

Five wattages, four color temperatures, and four beam spreads provide supreme versatility in retail accent lighting applications. Advanced LEDs produce up to 3,806 brilliant lumens with energy-saving efficacies of up to 90LPW.


Juno Trac-Master LED Vertical Cylinders may be traditional in appearance, but their performance couldn't be more advanced. Available in 13-, 19-, 24-, 39-, and 48-watt versions, these state-of-the-art track fixtures produce up to 3,806 brilliant lumens while providing exceptional energy efficiency. With energy-saving efficacies of up to 90LPW, they are up to 80% more efficient than equivalent halogen. The remarkably long, rated service life of 50,000 hours yields even further savings, making these track fixtures ideal for all retail, commercial, and residential applications.

Juno LED Vertical Cylinders feature a fresh take on a classic design, with updated lines and a side-mount vertical driver assembly that minimizes the overall fixture footprint. Custom, interchangeable TIR optics are offered in spot, narrow flood, flood, and wide flood beam spreads, and an integral bayonet-mount accessory holder accommodates one or two light-control accessories. LED Vertical Cylinder fixtures are compatible with the Juno Trac-Master or Trac-Lites Trac systems; versions are also available for other popular Juno Trac systems. They are dimmable via high-quality, reverse phase ELV dimmers and are offered in beautiful black, white, or silver finishes.

Fresh take on a classic design; available in beautiful black, white, or silver finishes. Side-mount LED driver minimizes
fixture footprint.


Advanced color quality and performance
Juno LED Vertical Cylinders are offered in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K color temperatures with excellent standard color rendering of 80+ CRI or optional high CRI of 90+. However, for retail display applications with special color rendering requirements, the new Juno SpectralWhite color/white enhancing option provides spectacular "pop" for both colors and whites. By employing LEDs with custom-formulated phosphors, this option renders richer, more vibrant colors while making whites look naturally brilliant and vivid. All Juno LED Vertical Cylinders have a chromaticity range within a 3-step MacAdam Ellipse for outstanding color quality and consistency and are offered with a 5-year warranty.

SpectralWhite color/white option offers enhanced rendering of colors and whites.



Juno Trac-Master® T381L                         Juno HTEK381L
Juno Trac-Master® T382L                         Juno HTEK382L
Juno Trac-Master® T383L                         Juno HTEK383L
Juno Trac-Master® T385L                         Juno HTEK385L
Juno Trac-Master® T387L                         Juno HTEK387L
Juno Quick Jack TQJ381L                            Juno TEK381L
Juno Trac 12™ TL381L                               Juno TEK382L
Juno Flex 12™ TF381L                                Juno TEK383L
Juno MonoLine® SP381MLL                      Juno TEK385L
Juno MonoLine® SP382MLL                     Juno TEK387L
Juno MonoLine® SP383MLL                     Trac-Master LED Vertical Cylinder Brochure



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