Indy™ Hyperbolic Reflectors - Over 20% More Efficacy and Lumen Output

The Problem
Traditional light sources produce light in all directions.  For recessed lighting, the parabolic reflector was the optimal design for these sources because it redirected the light down and out of the aperture.  However LEDs are a directional source and, therefore, pose a new challenge for optical design. When these directional sources are used with traditional reflectors, the parabolic shape focuses the light like a convex lens, resulting in a bright ring on the work plane.  To achieve uniformity, a diffuser or mixing chamber must be used, but these result in a loss of light.


The Solution
After much experimenting, Indy engineers discovered that the optimal design for directional sources is the hyperbolic reflector.  The hyperbolic shape spreads light like a concave lens for an extremely uniform distribution, eliminating the need for diffusers or mixing chambers.  The geometry of the hyperbolic curve eliminates source image in the reflector as any reflected light is directed down toward the work plane.  By eliminating the need to diffuse the light with mixing chamber/lens and redirecting it toward the work plane, the efficacy can increase up to 20% over parabolic reflectors.


The Benefits
In addition, the hyperbolic surface shields the light that would be incident on the lower portion of the reflector, eliminating any aperture brightness.  The hyperbolic reflector also reduces the amount of light-source regression required for glare control by increasing the shielding angle, thereby reducing the profile of the downlight housing.


In addition to the glare-free, silent ceiling effect, the unique curvature of the hyperbolic shape produces these additional benefits

Increased Lumens
Hyperbolic shape provides over 20% more lumens by directing all the light at the target work plane

Higher Efficacy
Over 20% more lumens per watt

Greater Application Flexibility
Increased lumens accommodate higher ceiling heights, and better control of the light allows multiple beam spreads (ranging from 15º to 73º)

Unique Aesthetics
Extremely low brightness


For more information on Indy L-Series Silent Ceiling Hyperbolic Reflectors click here

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