New Gotham® 4” and 6” Wall Wash and Asymmetric Up Light Distribution Cylinders

1. Open Wall Wash

Our classic Open Wall Wash adds illumination high on the wall while contributing to the ambient illumination in your space. Gotham® 4” and 6” Cylinder Open Wall Wash with single, double, or corner options, will give you the smooth and continuous effect needed for your design.

EVO4SCWW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4PCWW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4WCWW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6SCWW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6PCWW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6WCWW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet


2. Lensed Wall Wash

Lensed Wall Wash illumination minimizes room side light directing light only at the wall.  Gotham® 4” and 6” Cylinder Lensed Wall Wash creates more contrast in a space than typical Open Wall Wash designs.

EVO4SCLW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4PCLW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6SCLW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6PCLW*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

ICO4SCLW: Product Page | Spec Sheet

ICO4PCLW: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO4WCLW: Coming Soon!

EVO6WCLW: Coming Soon!

ICO4WCLW: Coming Soon!


3. Wall Mount Asymmetric Up Light Distribution

Gotham® 4” and 6” Asymmetric Up Light for Wall Cylinders directs light up and away from the wall to illuminate ceilings or highlight structural designs.   

EVO4WC*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

EVO6WC*: Product Page | Spec Sheet

ICO4WC: Product Page | Spec Sheet


*For our EVO offerings, you can choose to add color temperature lighting controls on our nLight® controls network with tunable white features or add dimming capabilities with WarmDim.

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Gotham® EVO 4” and 6” Cylinders now available with nTune® & WarmDim

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