Update to Visual Lighting 2020 (2.10.0044): June 2020

June 13, 2020

Visual Lighting 2020 (2.10.0044) released:

  1. Fixed: Wrong calculation type assigned to calculation line when UVGI is enabled
  2. Fixed: Exporting to DWG file from Print Editor included layers and objects on layers turned off in the Design
  3. Fixed: Calculation Zones do not default to irradiance calculations when UVGI is enabled
  4. Fixed: Calculation Type changing from Illuminance to UVGI Irradiance
  5. Fixed: Unable to save UVGI calculations status in Settings
  6. Fixed: Calculation line type incorrect and could not be changed in Properties
  7. Fixed: Daylighting render issue, ceiling not blocking

Please download the latest update to Visual Lighting 2020 (2.10.0044). This setup will overwrite older releases of Visual Lighting 2020 but will not overwrite Visual Lighting 2017.

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