Acuity Model Selector for Revit

April 25, 2020

The Acuity Model Selector allows you to search and import product models directly from the Acuity Brands website into your Revit project. This tool provides quick access to import one or multiple Revit models.

How to start using the Acuity Model Selector in your Revit projects:

  • Download the Acuity Model Selector at
  • Run the setup to install the Revit add-in onto your computer
  • Next time you start Revit, the Acuity Model Selector button will be added to the Revit Add-ins tab in the Acuity Brands ribbon group
  • Click the Acuity Model Selector button to launch a window to search and download Revit models from the Acuity Brands website
  •  Click this link to watch a detailed video on how to install and use the Acuity Model Selector add-in for Revit
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