The All New nLight® Website!

June 8, 2020 Stephen Zoeller

The new nLight® brand site tells the nLight story while intuitively delivering the content needed by our customers. A few examples of added and improved content include, educational pages, improved product and resource pages, nLight enabled luminaires, and an In the News section. 

nLight has invested significantly with the new website, and we will actively update with new content on a regular cadence. The new website will continue to promote nLight as an industry leader in lighting controls.

Key Highlights

  • Ability to effectively convey the nLight story
  • Improved user experience with simple/intuitive navigation
  • Improved search on Google and within

The new website provides comprehensive improvements to the search function, easy access to key product information with fewer clicks, quick loading speeds, and enhanced mobile-friendly responsiveness site-wide.

Please click the link below and visit the new nLight site.

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