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Consider the future of your healthcare facilities and services

Though caregivers and patients may share the same facility for a while, their perspectives and experiences differ greatly. Medical staff, although in familiar surroundings, are expected to provide a steady, compassionate hand under consistently demanding and stressful conditions. Patients and visitors pass through for stays short or long, in unfamiliar places, and with varying degrees of discomfort or anxiety. Thoughtful lighting promotes a sense of wellbeing, thus increasing the probability of positive outcomes.

At Acuity Brands®, our objective is to help healthcare facilities create environments aligned with the goals of the patient, caregiver, and staff — one that goes hand in hand with a journey of hope and healing. 

Whether it is new construction or a renovation, we have the products and solutions for growing facilities to expand your reach to serve your communities.

Find the products you need for your specific healthcare application at http://www.acuitybrands.com/healthcare 

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