Wafer™ LED Downlights

March 29, 2021 Kristen McElrath

Canless Downlights, Reimagined 

The Wafer™ LED Downlights with Switchable White features a switch for five easy color temperature adjustments – while eliminating the need for recessed housings.  For enhanced glare control, the NEW Regressed Baffle option provides a ½” regression which reduces glare and shadows at the ceiling plane.  The crisp baffle lines soften the light output delivering comfortable light in the space.

Key Features:

•Canless, housing-free downlighting ideal for shallow ceilings and tight, confined spaces
•Available in 4" and 6" apertures
•5 selectable color temperatures to chose from with a switch ranging from warm (2700K) to daylight (5000K) allowing customization for endless applications
•Two trim designs: Low Glare Regressed Baffle and Ultra-Thin Flat Smooth


Wafer Family Page | Flat 4” | Flat 6” | CS Flat 4” | CS Flat 6” | Regressed 4” | Regressed 6” | CS Regressed 4” | CS Regressed 6” | Switchable White Brochure

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