Update: Juno® 2" LED Downlights/Adjustables

Juno 2-inch Gen 2 LED downlight and adjustable fixtures are proof positive that bigger is not always better. The base 600 lumen driver alone produces the same amount of light as a much larger, 6-inch, 65W incandescent. With stunning aesthetics, the discreet 2-inch aperture provides a sophisticated designer look that can enhance virtually any upscale interior.

Features include:

  • Choice of 7W (600 lumen) or 11W (1000 lumen) dimmable LED driver
  • Dedicated 120V or universal 120-277V driver
  • 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4000K CCT; 80+ or 90+ CRI
  • Field-interchangable optics, distributions range from 18- to 40-degrees
  • Low profile, easy installation from below the ceiling; IC or non-IC applications
  • Downlights or adjustables, round or square apertures, and an extensive selection of trim styles and finishes


Miniature LED assembly can produce over 600 or 1,000 lumens from just 7W and 11W respectively; ENERGY STAR Certified.



Juno 2-inch LED fixtures deliver the same amount of light as incandescent, but consume a fraction of the energy.


Juno 2" LED (600 or 1000 Lumen) Driver
Juno 2" LED Module, Round Downlight Baffle Trim
Juno 2" LED Module, Round Downlight Cone Trim
Juno 2" LED Module, Round Adjustable Trim
Juno 2" LED Module, Square Downlight Trim
Juno 2" LED Module, Square Adjustable Trim



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