Aculux® 3-inch LED Wall Wash Luminaires

Launch Date: August 13, 2018

Aculux® precision luminaires just got better with the introduction of our improved 3-inch wall wash luminaire.  The platform is available in six lumen packages, from 800 to 3000 nominal lumens.  This asymmetric lensed wall wash uniformly "paints" the wall from ceiling to floor.

Want a quiet ceiling?  With Aculux, lighting specifiers can get higher levels of illumination from smaller, more discreet apertures.  The Aculux 3-inch family delivers more than 2-times the amount of light on task than any other 3-inch aperture recessed luminaire currently available. 

These fixed wall wash luminaires are also available in low profile.  At only 4 inches tall, they are ideal for installations where space is constrained.  Architectural recessed luminaires from Aculux maintain quiet ceilings by putting precisely the right amount of light in precisely the right place.


Quick facts about this product:

  • Color temperatures of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K offer excellent color rendering with 80 CRI minimum and CCTs of 2700K and 3000K are also available with 90 or 95 CRI.
  • Multiple driver options accommodate a variety of dimming systems and voltages from 120-277VAC.  
  • Low Profile housings require only 4 inches of plenum depth.
  • Flanged and flangeless are available.  Flangeless trims are compatible with gypsum, wood, stone, or tile ceilings.


Aculux 3-inch Wall Wash LED luminaires offer precision adjustments that Aculux is known for.

  •  Patented Tru-Line™ platform provides +/- 1/2-inch aperture translation and 90-degree aperture rotation to facilitate perfect fixture-to-fixture alignment.


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