Juno FlexConnect Linear Lighting

Launch Date: September 21, 2016

Juno FlexConnect™ is the industry’s most versatile LED linear lighting system.  Shape it around curved surfaces, cut it in the field, reconnect individual segments.  No other linear lighting product gives you so many installation options.  Superior color rendering and consistency really set them apart from the rest.  Their proprietary UV-stable optical pigment maintains color throughout the life of the product and corrects color shift that regularly occurs with other encapsulated strips. 

Supplied in 20-foot spools, Juno FlexConnect is the only encapsulated flexible linear luminaire on the market that features unique, integral connectors.  They can be field cut in 6-inch increments, reconnected using the integral connectors, and attached in a variety of configurations including linear channels and curved surfaces.  Hospitality, retail, commercial or residential, there is no limit to the creative illumination possibilities afforded by the Juno FlexConnect Architectural Linear Lighting System.


Quick facts about this product:

  • Available in indoor (SL series) or indoor/outdoor (SLW series) versions
  • Produces up to 450 lumens per foot of brilliant white light
  • CCT’s of 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K
  • 80 CRI standard and 95 CRI optional for 2700K and 3000K


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