Searching for DLC and ENERGY STAR Products?

October 30, 2017 Catherine Bruce

If you are looking for the latest energy efficient lighting products, we have the tool for you...

Acuity Brands makes your search easy. Find the energy efficient lighting and feature-rich lighting products you are looking for right here!

If your customers are looking to maximize utility rebates, use our tool to search for the ideal DLC® Premium, DLC® Standard and ENERGY STAR® certified products.

You can also use our search tool to find the estimated lighting rebate dollars available in your area.12


[1]The listed products are either DLC qualified or ENERGY STAR certified or both. Please refer to the product pages and spec sheets for details. Not all versions of a product may be DLC qualified. Please check the DLC Qualified Products List at to confirm which versions are qualified.

[2] All cost savings and other findings shown in the calculations are estimated results. These results are for general information purposes only and are provided without any warranty as to accuracy, completeness, reliability or otherwise. Results may be dependent on the quality of user provided data or data provided from publicly available sources, and actual circumstances may affect calculated results.

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Searching for Utility Rebates on Lighting?
Searching for Utility Rebates on Lighting?

Search for utility rebates on products that are DLC standard and premium listed or Energy Star certified