IOTA® is Now on and in Agile

IOTA® Emergency Lighting Solutions can now be found on and in the Agile ordering system. IOTA offers hundreds of emergency lighting options for bringing critical egress illumination capability to almost any lighting design -- all of which can now be browsed online and combined with your existing orders within the Agile system.

Primary IOTA inventory is available to ship from the Ontario and Des Plaines Distribution Centers with additional IOTA products to ship directly from the IOTA facilities in Tucson, Arizona, if required. Typical orders will ship within 2 days from the distribution centers listed above. If you have any questions or wish to confirm actual lead times, please contact IOTA Customer Service.

As you explore IOTA listings on or within Agile, you'll find that IOTA model names are relatively unchanged from what you previously may have ordered (in most cases, "dashes" have been substituted for "spaces.") If you need additional assistance, however, details for IOTA model names have been added to Scratchpad’s Crossover Reference tool for your convenience.

Browse IOTA products on

Find contact information below for IOTA order support or for any additional questions you may have:

  • Tech or call IOTA Tech Support’s direct line at 1-855-363-9527
  • Quotations:  Your assigned Acuity Quotations manager
  • Order questions:  Your assigned regional Acuity customer care team
  • Accounts Receivable:  Customer Financial Assistant tool
  • Warranty: or call 1-800-866-4682
    • IOTA material on your Agile orders can be entered on Agile Request for Warranty!
    • Please continue to contact the Warranty team listed above for IOTA material on QAS orders.
  • Freight allowance terms:  Please note that IOTA product falls under Acuity’s standard shipping
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Your Order Has Shipped & Delivered!
Your Order Has Shipped & Delivered!

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