Update: Juno T537 & T537QJ Transformers

September 16, 2019 Kimberly Cole


September 30, 2019

The newly designed, Juno® Trac-Master® T537 & T537QJ low-voltage designer transformers attach to all Trac-Master and Trac-Lites™ track. These low-profile, 12V, 60VA electronic transformers feature an on/off switch and are compatible with 12V LED or halogen fixtures consuming up to 60W.

Key Features:

  • Contemporary housing design
  • Accepts Juno Trac-Master 12V AC LED or halogen lamp holders or pendants
  • Transformer is overload and short circuit protected  
  • Designed for 40,000-hour operating life
  • Alternate adapter options for installation on competitive track systems
  • Available in White, Black and Silver finishes

Quick Links:

T537 Transformers: Product Page | Spec Sheet

T537QJ Transformers: Product Page | Spec Sheet


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